Traditional Chinese Medicine Bionic Tiger Bone Powder for the Treatment of AI-Associated Musculoskeletal Symptoms, Oncology Department, Guang’anmen Hospital, No. Generally speaking, osteoporosis medications work by either stopping bone loss or by stopping bone loss and increasing bone density (“antiresorptives”). Tiger Balm (for the skin) is a combination medicine used to relieve minor muscle or joint pain. The authors declare that they have no competing interests. One patient immigrated to Japan, and another patient had scheduling difficulties to continue. Inclusion criteria were the following: (1) pathologically confirmed stage 0 to III breast cancer with no recurrence and metastasis, (2) postmenopausal women including ovarian suppression and natural postmenopause, (3) current use of a third-generation aromatase inhibitor (anastrozole, letrozole, or exemestane) for no more than one month, (4) accompanied by recent symptoms of joint pains, (5) Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group performance status 0–III, and (6) provided written informed consent before enrollment. The unique blend of herbal ingredients is quickly absorbed into the body to produce a warm, rubbing sensation that relieves pain and swollen muscles. We recruited eligible patients from Guang’anmen Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medicine, Beijing. But the humerus is the most coveted section of a tiger skeleton: That upper front leg bone is believed to contain the most potent healing powers. The hu gu (Mandarin for bones) are the parts that are most highly prized in Oriental medicine, a favored treatment for rheumatism and arthritis—and for impotence and flagging libido. The M-BPI is one of the most widely used instruments to measure pain in cancer patients and has been demonstrated to be a reliable, valid, and responsive measure [8]. Dr. Wenping Lu, Yifan Li, Zhenhua Zhang, Feifei Cui, Jialing Liu, Yitong Wang, Juling Jiang, and Wenxin Ma approved of the final manuscript. In conclusion, these results strongly suggest that TB is effective and safe in decreasing AIMSS of hormone receptor-positive breast cancer women. Tiger Balm is a product designed to offer instant relief to pain. For example, the Guilin Xiongsen Bear and Tiger Park in southern China is said to house 1,800 tigers. And 2 participants failed to continue the intervention. Statistical significance will be defined as two-sided value of <0.05. Most of them were diagnosed I to II pathological stage. FACT-B measures physical, social/family, emotional, and functional well-being and additional concerns [9]. Participants, investigators, statisticians, and all study staff are blinded, under the supervision of Ethics Committee of Guang’anmen Hospital. Participants in placebo group were given calcium carbonate tablets (CFDA: H10950029), whose main ingredients are calcium and vitamin D, with recommended dose of 600 mg daily. Legal notice | Both medicines were asked to be taken with an interval of more than half an hour from AI and lasted 12 weeks. We described demographic, clinical, and outcome variables by using means and standard deviations for continuous variables and percentages for categoric variables by treatment group. At a secret factory in China, a reporter for the South China Morning Post this past April found 600 tiger skeletons soaking in alcohol to produce 200,000 bottles of wine. We modified the inventory by adding “stiffness” (one of the most common symptoms of AIMSS) and “joint symptom interference” to quantify joint stiffness status and evaluate the pain more specifically, on the same 0–10 scale. HRQoL measured by FACT-B () was improved. "No one is there because they are ill. Besides, calcium to phosphorus ratio of TB makes it suitable for body to absorb, whereas it also contains various organic components, such as collagen, analgesic peptide, bone morphogenetic protein, bone growth factors, and polyose. Another participant in placebo group, her husband had a job change, and the whole family had moved to Japan on week 8. Dr. Wenping Lu and Yifan Li wrote the manuscript. The active components of Tiger Balm are extracted from plants and held together by paraffin oil. "The traditional medicine industry is a huge market with large profit margins," said the professor. Speaking of AIMSS, there is not specific record of it in traditional Chinese medicine literature, but it should be attributed to bone rheumatism. The dual-acting type of osteoporosis medication helps build bone while reducing bone density loss. We will be providing unlimited waivers of publication charges for accepted research articles as well as case reports and case series related to COVID-19. There were 26 patients reporting over 2 points’ decrease for average pain in TB group (74.3%) at 12 weeks. Consequences are that AIMSS not only impairs the quality of patients’ life, but also hinders their compliance, which will definitely disrupt further treatments. Between May 2015 and May 2016, 72 participants were enrolled and completed baseline questionnaires; 70 of them were evaluable. Last but not least, the authors would like to thank all the enrolled breast cancer patients for their trust and persistence. The outcome comparison between the 2 groups was compared using paired t-test. According to professor Zhang, interest groups managed to convince Chinese authorities to decide on such an unpopular policy using political propaganda. Bionic TB powder shows the functions of anti-inflammation, abirritation, sedation, healing fracture, and improving bone strength [26, 27]. Besides, compared with other interventions, such as acupuncture, electroacupuncture, and yoga, TB therapy is painless, and it is easier to handle for there is no requirement of doctors’ specific skills. A randomization list was prepared using random permuted blocks, and consecutive assignments were placed into separate numbered, sealed envelopes. "Traditional Chinese medicine promotes a different system from Western medicine and in this system, China can call the shots," adding that revival and export of traditional Chinese medicine fits China's idea of promoting the "China model" of development. At baseline, mean pain value was 6.3 and 6.4 () for the TB and placebo groups, respectively. One user pointed out on the Twitter-like social media service that when bones and horns are ground into powder, there can be no way to determine if they came from captive or wild animals. More than half of the participants were naturally menopausal. Other parts, like its whiskers, are worn as talismans or protective charms or used to sooth toothaches. Photo by Kim Hong-Ji/Reuters. Hence bionic TB powder has taken place of TB and has been widely used in clinical practice to treat osteoporosis and arthrosis. Limbs contracture, palpitation, epilepsy, rectocele, anal fistula, arthritis. In traditional Chinese medicine, tiger wine, made using powdered bones, allegedly cures many ills including ulcers, cramp, rheumatism, stomach … However, the research in this area is limited, so we conducted this randomized controlled double-blind clinical study to evaluate the effect and safety of TB powder to relieve the symptoms of AI-associated arthralgia, so as to provide clinical evidence. FACT-B was used as the secondary outcome. Tiger Balm may also be used as a chest rub to soothe chest congestion and relieve cough caused by the flu or common cold. Dosage and Administrations. The report said the farm considered the tiger carcasses to be worth a fortune and had been waiting for the lift of the tiger products ban. Review articles are excluded from this waiver policy. Tiger Balm may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide. Baseline demographics and clinical characteristics. Some of the more common osteoporosis medications and how they work include: Bisphosphonates: interfere … What is more, the results of MA.17R clinical trials showed that patients received 10 years’ AI treatment could get more benefits than those received 5 years’ therapy on American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), 2016. The production process takes approximately eight … European countries play their part to. 72 patients were randomly assigned to bionic tiger bone powder or placebo group, 36 patients in each group. Dispel wind and alleviate pain, strengthen bones and relieve convulsion. Even during the ban period, there was an active black market for medicinal animal parts. The authors thank Guang’anmen Hospital, Beijing, China, and Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Beijing, China for the administrative support. Camphor, which comes from the Cinnamomum camphora plant, induces warm and col… It has been proved that AI is more effective in decreasing the risk of recurrence of breast cancer than Tamoxifen [1], which indicates the important role of AI for adjuvant therapy of postmenopausal breast cancer. And at 12 weeks, the scores were 3.0 and 6.6 () for the TB and placebo groups, respectively, corresponding to 50% improvement in scores compared with baseline for the TB group (). I would be very surprised if there was. So we suggested to them taking pills half an hour after meals, and no other adverse events were reported. In the last 10 years, 7,100 wild rhinos have been killed by poachers in Africa. Dr. Wenping Lu, Yifan Li, Feifei Cui, and Zhenhua Zhang participated in the conception and design of this paper. Based on that, treatments should focus on tonifying the kidney, fortifying the bone, and dispelling the pathogenic factors. Considering that breast cancer is a hormone-related disease, we also assayed estradiol () and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) from patients’ serum samples at the baseline, week 6, and week 12 time point, so as to see if the intervention would influence patients’ hormone levels. It is hard to know what to make of the possible risk, said Dr. Bart Clarke, a professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic and president of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research. This is an improvement that has been shown to be clinically meaningful in studies of other chronic pain conditions and that is the cut-off recommended by the Initiative on Methods, Measurement, and Pain Assessment in Clinical Trials consensus committee [28]. Dr. Wenping Lu received financial support from National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), H2902 and H2704. Another user asked what the difference is between tiger bones and pig bones and how can bones even be considered medicine? Tiger bones and rhino horns may have a role in traditional Chinese medicine, but critics say that trendy health products with no medical value made from endangered animals are only a status symbol for the wealthy. In traditional Chinese medicine, tiger bones are believed to help cure conditions like rheumatism and arthritis, along with erectile dysfunction. But the humerus is the most coveted section of a tiger skeleton: That upper front leg bone is believed to contain the most potent healing powers." Given the high incidence of AIMSS, identification of therapy to ameliorate these treatment emergent toxicities is important to optimize persistence with therapy and quality of life. osteogenic loading does work through deformation of the bone, or Wolffs law. AIs treat breast cancer mainly by reducing estrogen conversion, thus lowering serum estradiol level [29]. Data analysis was performed using the Statistical Packages of Social Sciences software (SPSS 20.0). Of 70 evaluable cases, 8 of 35 patients (22.9%) developed new or worsening point symptoms in TB group, compared to 21 of 35 (60%) in placebo group (). They typically consist of one anode, and one or more cathodes. Aromatase inhibitors (AIs) are used for adjuvant therapy of breast cancer; however AIMSS (AI-Associated Musculoskeletal Symptoms) can negatively affect quality of life and compliance. However, the medical effect of tiger bone has never been determined. Serum and FSH were tested every 6 weeks. "Traditional Chinese medicine is just one big lie and the doctors are scammers," an angry Weibo user said in a comment. TB (tiger bone) is used to treat bone disease, whose main ingredients are calcium and collagen. Yifan Li and Zhenhua Zhang performed data analysis and interpretation. Those theories drove us to seek whether TB could treat AIMSS and to explore its mechanism, potential efficacy, and safety. Tiger Balm is a brand-name topical medication used to alleviate pain. | Mobile version, Last week China's State Council said the country would reverse a ban on the trade of products made from tigers and rhinos, China's lifting of its rhino horn ban reverberates in a Kenyan school, Indonesia makes arrests over slaughtered endangered tiger. Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) was measured by the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-Breast (FACT-B). We also found differences between 2 groups in average pain (2 to 5.6), worst pain (3.9 to 8), pain interference severity (1.9 to 5.3), stiffness (2.4 to 6.9), and joint symptom interference (1.8 to 5.7), all ; similar findings were seen in VAS value (3 to 6.6) at the end of intervention. Zhang Hong, a professor of culture at Shanghai's Tongji University, told DW the real reason behind the ban's reversal is lobbying by interest groups. A partial list of traditional medicine uses for tiger parts: Bile: Used to treat convulsions in children Blood: Used to strengthen the constitution and build willpower Bone: Used as an anti-inflammatory to arthritis, rheumatism, back problems, general weakness, or headaches; also considered a powerful tonic Brain: A treatment for laziness and pimples In December 2005, Save the Tiger Fund (STF), a program of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, entered into a three-year agreement with the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine to conduct a global campaign against the use of tiger bone as a medicine and tonic. A number of small interventional trials investigating vitamin D [13], duloxetine [14], acupuncture [15–17], electroacupuncture [18], glucosamine [19], prednisolone [20], yoga [21], and TCM formulas [22–24] have provided various treatment methods. Debbie Banks, our Tiger Campaign Leader, warned that it’s not just tiger bone being used in TCM: “Over 5,000 Asian leopards have been seized in trade in the past two decades. No real tiger bone wine in China, China has less than 30 wide tigers, like 6-7 k tigers in the zoo. The device is … Osteostrong is a franchise brand that offers osteogenic loading. TB (tiger bone) is used to treat bone disease, whose main ingredients are calcium and collagen. A student takes college entrance exams. In the UK there are shops that sell traditional Chinese medicine and some of these products contain tiger bone. Traditional Chinese medicine has a 2,000-year history and is still followed by millions of Chinese every day. TB appeared to be effective and safe in the prevention of AIMSS. One in TB group lost her mother at 3 weeks, so that she had difficulties in scheduling. Exclusion criteria were the following: (1) patients with endocrine and any other diseases influencing bone metabolism (e.g., hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, diabetes, Cushing’s syndrome, chronic liver disease, nephropathy, myeloma, bone tumor, or bone metastasis), (2) use of agents influencing bone metabolism (e.g., glucocorticoid, thyroid hormone, heparin, anticonvulsants, diuretics, or bisphosphonates), except calcium agents, within the past 3 months, (3) contraindications to calcium agents and vitamin D, (4) diagnosis of primary osteoarticular diseases, (5) presence of other primary tumors and severe heart, liver, kidney, and hematopoietic system diseases, and (6) presence of pregnancy, mental illness, or cognitive handicap. Patients were asked to complete the following questionnaires at baseline, week 6, and week 12 to evaluate change in pain and functional status. Besides, longer-term studies are necessary to confirm the durability of the response. Given tigers are protected animals, scientists adopted bionic research method to develop bionic tiger bone powder, which has similar ingredients to natural tiger bone. Studies show that it works extremely well if force production is sufficient- 4.2x multiple of body weight for the lower extemity bones is he minimum require to elicit the steoblastic activity and inner bone growth. The numerical rating scale ranges from 0 to 10, with 10 indicating the greatest severity or interference. Tiger bone products are believed to strenghen bones and joints. sailong bone is smaller than tiger bone… its strength is obviously higher than tiger.” Many leaders of the TCM community believe the use of tiger bone is not in the best interests of TCM’s reputation as it strives to become a respected global healthcare choice. Read more: China's lifting of its rhino horn ban reverberates in a Kenyan school. They can cure this illness only by overspending their big bank accounts.". Developed by bionic research method, bionic tiger bone powder shows no significant differences with natural tiger bone in ingredients and pharmacologic effects. But Lieberman says, “I know of no evidence for that.” We use cookies to improve our service for you. Read more: Tiger Bones Sell For 100 Euros. In addition, we should try to build multicenters to process the following study. One traditional remedy is a medicinal tiger bone wine, made with ground tiger bones and up to 147 herbs and spices. © 2020 Deutsche Welle | Rhino horns, which are composed primarily of keratin, a protein found in fingernails and hair, are thought to reduce fever and pains. Rhino horn is ground into a powder and is considered either to be a pain killer and a detoxifying agent. Yifan Li, Zhenhua Zhang, Feifei Cui, Jialing Liu, Yitong Wang, Juling Jiang, Wenxin Ma, Wenping Lu, "Traditional Chinese Medicine Bionic Tiger Bone Powder for the Treatment of AI-Associated Musculoskeletal Symptoms", Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, vol. We conducted a randomized, blind, controlled study of comparing TB versus placebo for 12 weeks in postmenopausal women with breast cancer who have taken AI for less than a month. And the major pathogenesis of bone rheumatism is that the deficiency of kidney essence results in failure to nourish the related body constituents and organs, especially bone and joints; thus pathogenic factors such as wind and cold would take advantage of the deficiency to “hit” body. Last week China's State Council said the country would reverse a ban on the trade of products made from tigers and rhinos. Modern pharmacological research has shown that bionic TB powder has more than 20 kinds of amino-acid and microelements essential to human. Tiger bone (TB) is one precious Chinese medicine material. TB is commonly used to treat musculoskeletal symptoms, including bone pain, myalgia, and arthralgia, in patients with osteoporosis or arthrosis [6]. And group assignments will not be revealed until the entire study is completed. After the announcement, China's Sina Weibo erupted with criticism. "The sellers are there for the money and the buyers are there to show off," said Zhang. Tiger bone crushed and made into a paste has been said to be usable to treat a variety of ailments, including rheumatism and back pain. "I believe the decision-makers have a particular disease called 'rich illness.' There was no reason given for removing the ban and the announcement drew condemnation from wildlife activists along with doctors of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese consumers. That might be mainly due to the impact on pain of TB, and the pain was improved, thus influencing participants’ physical well-being, which indicates that TB has no significant effect on other parts of life for breast cancer patients treated with AIs. Dr. Wenping Lu, Feifei Cui, Jialing Liu, and Yitong Wang performed provision of study materials or patients. There are up to an estimated 6,000 tigers in China living in captivity on farms or in zoos and circuses. "China is eager to export its culture, and traditional medicine is considered part of China's heritage and pride," said Zhang. Patients completed the M-BPI, VAS, and FACT-B at baseline, 6 weeks, and 12 weeks. The median age of the women enrolled was 57 years (range, 27 to 73 years). Tiger parts have been used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for centuries. Officials in Beijing said that trade volume would be "controlled" and tiger bones and rhino horns would only be obtained from animals in captivity for use in "medical research or healing.". Indications. Tiger bone wine is an alcoholic beverage originally produced in China using the bones of tigers as a necessary ingredient. Similar findings were seen for worst pain (3.9 versus 8.0), pain interference severity (1.9 versus 5.3), stiffness (2.4 versus 6.9), and joint symptom interference (1.8 versus 5.7), all . Most patients in China moved to TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) for help. devotees of traditional Chinese medicine: tiger bone wine. However, given the profound benefits associated with these medications, the farms pose a threat wild. More profitable 've never been to North Korea and joints 70 participants had finished the,! Patient immigrated to Japan on week 12 ( ) Therapy-Breast ( FACT-B ) to! Differences with natural tiger bone powder or placebo group, “ I know you find.: tiger bones are believed to help fast-track new submissions doctors are scammers, '' said the professor