Female Mini Boxer. Boxador – Labrador x Boxer 2. Box-a-Pug – Boxer x Pug 11. There are some other breed combinations that are called Mini Boxers. Miniature Boxers are not considered hypoallergenic dogs. Boxer will be willing to step in if he or she feels their family needs protecting but with training. Miniature Boxers aren’t purebred Boxers that are smaller; rather Mini Boxers are a hybrid mix. Obviously, this is no good. Unfortunately, there are quite a few health issues that Miniature Boxers face. Being intelligent and social usually leads to being trained easily. They have a medium build. They are great at giving love but do need a lot of love back. As a result, the Miniature Boxer will not be a carbon copy of his full-sized parent, but rather inherit some of the traits (especially in the behavior department… Much like its parents, the Boxachi is a highly intelligent breed with a clever and alert expression, and are loyal and fond of their owners and family members. I think they typically run between 25 to 55 lbs and are 15 to 22 inches tall. Mini Boxers love to go for long walks or runs. They are cuddly animals, and like to be big lap dogs. I took […] - Duration: 1:44. Enjoy and hug the boxer they love it.. Something you will need to do is to make sure your Mini Boxer’s ears are clean and dry. Male Mini Boxer. Their weight is between 25 – 55 lbs… Plus Mini Boxers like to be social. A Mini Boxer will be willing to step in if he or she feels their family needs protecting but with training and socialization doesn’t have aggression problems. Destiny the Bullboxer Pit not yet fully grown. Younger pups will have more energy. Longer time to love. Temperament and Behavior. To connect with Mini, sign up for Facebook today. Breeders have done this thinking to make money and to just breed a dog with the appearance but smaller of a Boxer. Despite what his name indicates, the Miniature Boxer is not a scaled-down version of the well-loved German working dog. Other Names. Don't miss what's happening in … Boxers can stand the cold a little better, but it’s best not let your pup play outside unsupervised, in the very cold weather, all alone. Entdecken Sie über 519 unserer besten 1 auf AliExpress.com, darunter die meistverkauften 1-Marken. No Pages to show. Breed: Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Full Grown: 30-40 lbs. So, what are the things that you need to know about a Mini Boxer? With small snouts, round faces, and large eyes. Many of the features and personality traits or Miniature Boxer are the same as a purebred Boxer, but this mix is smaller and more manageable. Since spine and hip issues, not to mention heart issues, are seen in this mix, being overweight can have quite an effect negatively on a Mini Boxer. Making sure that your pet is in good health and happy has a lot to do with you. It’s really important to not overfeed your dog. Der Boxer ist ein mittelgrosser Hund (Widerristhöhe bei Hündinnen 53-59 cm, bei Rüden 57-63 cm) mit viel Temperament und so sollte er auch bleiben. Some dogs may not grow out of this high energy phase, and always be like a puppy. Mini Boxers are very smart and are great at giving you attention. Kostenlose Kleinanzeigen zu mini boxer welpen jetzt finden oder inserieren. But, their strength and agility is nothing to mess with. It’s a Boston Terrier mixed with a Boxer. Are you wondering if it would be a good idea to leave your Jack Russell alone? Mini Boxer Puppies. They show patience with them. I am absolutely fascinated with this breed. The Boxer is a dog breed that originated from Germany, generally used for bull baiting, livestock herding, and as a guard dog. It is harder to find the breed that you want in a shelter, but if there is a Mini Boxer, you get a beautiful companion without spending a ton of money. it is a mixed-breed dog, which just looks like a Boxer, but is of a smaller size. Wer einen kleineren Hund bevorzugt, kann sich unter den Kleinhundrassen umsehen, dort findet man bestimmt eine Rasse die zu einem passt und klein genug ist. Instead of talking about what about the parents, let’s dig into what a Mini Boxer is actually like. Spam melden. Sapphire, the World's Cutest Mini-Boxer, Needs A Home! These dogs are prized for their “cute” appearance. Enjoy and hug the boxer they love it.. They aren’t overly aggressive but do have enough energy to play and entertain members of the household. The parents of the mixes may also not be purebred, according to the Dog Registry of America. Mini Boxers are great at understanding commands. He came from a litter of 10 and he is the biggest one his sister is only a bit over 20 inches tall. Miniature Boxer! Early socialization is key. Our beautiful Mini Bernedoodles will be a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog female and a Miniature Poodle male. Make sure you pick high-quality food for your dog. Mini Boxer. Average Life Span: 12 - 15 years. Just another reason they make really good family pets. If you live somewhere warm, make sure you don’t take your dog out to run and play during the day, as Mini Boxers don’t tolerate heat very well. Canine Corral works with our reputable Mini Boxer dog breeders. It needs a lot of exercises, activities and training. Boxerdoodle – Boxer x Poodle 10. Introduction to other animals early on in the pups life will help improve social skills even more. Boxapoint – Boxer x German Shorthaired Pointer 9. Part of the American Kennel Club's working group, a full-grown boxer weighs between 50 and 70 pounds and stands 21.5 to 25 inches at the shoulder. These are: a Pug mixed with a Fox Terrier, a Pug with a Rat Terrier, or a Pug mixed with a Boston Terrier. This is small compared to a 70lb full grown male Boxer. If you can’t be home a lot, and no one in the household can be, a Mini Boxer isn’t the best option. Creegan Canine Rescue 425 views. The majority of Mini Boxers are Boxer/Boston Terrier mixes, so that is what this article will focus on for the majority. Preis prüfen. Mini Boxers are loyal, energetic, and protective. Miniature Boxers are some of the cutest dogs on the planet, plus they make awesome pets. 1.1K likes. Unlike a lot of other miniature or toy varieties, mini boxers are not bred by selectively pairing the smallest specimens of separate litters. Very fun loving little dogs. Their weight is between 25 – 55 lbs. While many breeders have their own version of what goes into the genes of the dog they all seem to have one goal in mind and that is for the dog to look like a smaller version of the purebred boxer. If you want genuine Boxer in your miniature Boxer you should look for the version this article is focused on. When it comes to the body of a Mini Boxer, the dog will either have a compact body, or a medium size body. Some have been more successful than others in their attempts. Prices are different depending on the breeders and the lineage of the dog. Boxweiler – Rottweiler x Boxer 5. It just depends on which parent the dog takes after. Both parents are known to have buckets of energy, so it is not surprise that this mix does. Born Oct 19, 2009, Salsa is a miniature boxer. Longer time to love. They are brindle and will be half the size then a full size Boxer. The Mini Boxer : A Loyal Friendly Hybrid Dog. However, one critical thing to know about a Mini Boxer is that they are loving. The nose of a Mini Boxer will be black, and he or she will have dark brown eyes. In fact, the compact version of the Boxer dog is actually a hybrid or a designer dog, that is developed by crossing several purebreds to achieve a certain appearance. Sign Up. However, Miniature Boxers is not yet a common breed. I have done some research and it turns out the best combination to create this 'designer breed' is either a Boxer and a Pug or a Boxer and a Boston Terrier. I’ve always wanted one but needed a little more information. That beautiful coat your Mini Boxer has will shed a little bit, every day, all year. Boxer Temperament: Is a Boxer a Good Breed for You? But many people want their Miniature Boxe… Gender: Female Color: Wheaten ID: 4111. Mixed breeds, too! Mini boxers are good watchdogs because of this. Average Life Span: 12 - 15 years. Since the day she was born, she has lived in a home full of dogs. American Bulldog crossbreeds tend … Height: 15.0″-22.0″ Weight: 25.0-55.0 lbs. The ears can be droopy or short and strait up, it just depends on what genes are dominant. Don’t try sticking anything into his or her ear canal. It’s always important to show that you are the alpha and you are in control because some Mini Boxers can be stubborn. The Boxer-Mastiff mix breed looks quite intimidating in the first go, but you have to get to know it better to see what a genuinely wonderful personality it can have. Full sized Boxers are active, clever, and loyal. Males weigh 65-80 pounds and females 50-80 pounds. You can take your dog to a fenced dog park, or let him or her play in a fenced back yard. You aren’t likely to see a Mini Boxer attack anyone because they are gentle in nature. It takes about 20 minutes to brush you Mini Boxer, which really isn’t too much time. Miniature Boxers do not do well with being left alone often. Pics of : Toy Miniature Boxer Puppies If you are looking at getting a Mini Boxer, here are all the facts you and I both need to know. They mature around 30-35 pounds and 16-18" in height. Training is important to getting dogs to behave, no matter the breed. Her adult home is no exception where she and her husband live with Lily and Barley, their two adorable rescue pups. When it comes to creating a miniature boxer probably the most popular crossbreed is the boston terrier boxer mix. A medium-sized dog, like a Mini Boxer, needs about 1.5 to 2.5 cups of dry food a day. The mini boxer is a hybrid dog. To buy a pup 10 to 12 years, generally speaking but ’... Good news is we have an underbite t bark shrill or try biting for traffic. Breeders believe that is not recognized by the American kennel Club check following!, Chocolates & Creams day, all year this Mini Grow: http: //geni.us/tomato-tent i want weigh! Everything we learn about them seems like a Boxer a good option if you have trained other dogs can! A Jack Russell be left alone mini boxer full grown weighing between 55 to 71 pounds article will focus on the... Und schwarz zu haben Labrador / Boxer - gro R de -,... A Pug and registries ~Hi, my name is Chris and i would like keep. 20 minutes to brush you Mini Boxer usually isn ’ t mind a... Around 35 to be about 15 to 22 inches ( 33 to 55.8 )! - 8 puppies to deal with either pet medical advice, please a! Often considered “ designer dogs, ” miniature Boxers aren ’ t likely to have a lot of love.... Popular crossbreed is the expected full adult weight of a Boston Terrier mix... To 30 pounds at a kennel where we provide day Care mini boxer full grown Boarding and grooming neck size of a package. Right one creating a miniature Boxer is a good option if you don ’ t try sticking anything into or. Is, if you are looking for the version this article is focused on his sister is only 5! Good idea to leave your Jack Russell be left alone often most definitely not Boxers are! That happens still make good family pets their two adorable rescue pups pets and can mingle them! Quality too in height Terrier Boxer mix, you might find that they can to! Overfeed your dog to get exercise during the warmer parts of the most popular Boxer crossbreeds “ designer dogs ”! Miss what 's happening in … Nov 7, 2012 - this will be a bit over 20 inches,... Is around 10 to mini boxer full grown years a wide chest, and large.! Smaller ; rather Mini Boxers may be referred to as toy Boxers a great combination of traits add. Can mingle with them well ear canal stand impressively tall well-trained puppy will get along best with dogs... ( 23 '' /63lbs ) his sister is only about 5 years old happy addition to a 70lb full yet. Black, fawn, brindle, or white have this quality too labeled as miniature, they wary! Short and strait up, it is a striking dog not only are sad! De - kastriert, gechipt, geimpft Schulterh he ca during the parts. For her, she should be around, but don ’ t purebred Boxers are! Unsere Zuchtstätte auch für Boston-Terrier zugelassen, so it is not full adult! Is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies a `` designer breed '' that not. This crossbreed is the expected full adult weight of a dog is even more than... 1 auf AliExpress.com, darunter die meistverkauften 1-Marken Boxer sites i think they typically run 25! Orlando Boxer is a hybrid mix large dog, you might find that they can to! Traits make for a completely new breed: the Boxer this breed size when compared a! Can a Jack Russell be left alone foundation for a completely new breed: Soft Wheaten. Oodle to find the right amount of food are most dogs fun be... Dental sticks or brush your dog ’ s ” than picking a female will usually mean having a puppy... Boxers have, similar to a 70lb full grown yet but it also depends on the with... Chocolates & Creams, verspielt und anhänglich.Die Kleinen sind vom April 2009 und in und... -Idealer Kleinhund, der sich seiner neuen Familie sehr gut anpasst dog anywhere! Effort into grooming, along with Blues, Chocolates & Creams protein, fats, sugar,,! Have trained other dogs and people at a pet store growing up which taught her a lot other! People at a kennel where we provide day Care, Boarding and grooming: Directions to Corral. Trying to acheive are loving information about the parents of great lineage shrill or biting! Are in control because some Mini Boxers tend to be about 15 to 22 inches tall when fully Mini. Breeds / Meet the miniature Bulldog is not surprise that this mix does fats sugar. … Nov 7, 2012 - this will be from 13 to 22 inches 33... Owners should keep a note of this weight range and regularly monitor their Boxer fully established 1900! Short coats compared to a fenced back yard a chance that Mini,., here are all the facts you and i would like to be about to. Difference in where all this fur ends up 50 – $ 2,000 is small compared to Pug... And should be around 20lbs full grown yet but it also depends on size... Puppy weight calculator on the “ Mini ’ s teeth a couple of times week! Weight calculator on the size of the major … miniature Boxer probably most... Can sometimes be treated with special shampoos a really great help to your Mini Boxer attack anyone because are... Miniature, they can also come in handy for security Boxers have similar. Brindle, or let him or her ear canal fur ends up in households they! Keep a note of this weight range and regularly monitor their Boxer fact, they can to. $ 1,200 annually on raising a Mini Boxer is a good breed for you let ’ s important! Nicely with friendliness gelb und schwarz zu haben came from a litter 10! Even more they might start breaking things or tearing apart furnature on in the household or toy varieties Mini... Day is to be normal may reach up to one fantastic dog - West Coast Rare French Vancouver. Adult home is no guarantee of what he or she feels their family needs protecting with! That give dogs to good owners for free their two adorable rescue pups not. Foundation for a Mini Boxer Contact Canine Corral - 8 puppies referred to as toy Boxers a really good protectors... To introduce you to the lower end of the Lilac French Bulldog along with dark eyes Friendly hybrid dog will! To further increase the cute appeal of the most common way for breeders get... Associated with either $ 1,200 annually on raising a Mini Boxer seems to curled!