Going back to LG Support but have no high hopes of anything being done. Model LMXC23746. They know, too. My experience is that LG recognizes this product defect and they responded in a professional manner. Clearly with some of the other posts in other areas of this forum there is a major design flaw with the LG Refrigerator Ice Makers. And I was one of your most loyal and patient customers! As part of the settlement, LG is providing qualifying consumers with up to $3,500, depending on the problems they experienced, as well as an … The warranty has expired, but shouldn't the repair have a warranty? But the coolers will not protect it for long and you will not respond fast enough. I had all information for them (model number, serial number of fridge, and purchase receipt (almost 5 years old). $254 Compressor on Because it has been 30 days, I am no longer eligible for my claim that was supposedly submitted on 1/7. Either their customer service people are completely incompetent or they are trying to scam people out of the reimbursement. The entire appliance has stopped cooling. Interesting - there is a class-action lawsuit. I called LG and they gave me the numbers of 3 "local" repair companies who I can use with the new warranty. 4 weeks have passed and I called this morning. It stopped working last night. LG’s solution is to give us a $200 allowance to buy a mini fridge until the repair can be made. I’ve been without a refrigerator going on 3 weeks now and zero help from either side. Chat with seller . All Rights Reserved 2020. Now on second complete failure. me a message at https://lgcommunity.us.com/messages/add, with the We are having a fight with LG now over our LG LFXS29766 (French Door Refrigerator). I've resigned myself to having to buy another refrigerator and that it will not ever be a LG, they lost me as a customer on any product that Life is supposedly Good for. We are investigating an LG refrigerator compressor failure lawsuit after reports from consumers that their LG fridge’s linear compressor prematurely failed, necessitating a costly repair. So you’re saying if I need repairs after the warranty work I must have my receipt to get it serviced? Or you are taking a chance dealing with corporate greed, dishonesty and lack of integrity. I'm extremely frustrated with LG. At least local repairman are willing to work on them. We are selling this frigde because we want to buy a bigger than this... ₹ 16,000 LG Refrigerator. Going to add yet another story to this thread, but I'll be short. (How convenient, right after the one year warranty expired) I called LG and they sent an authorized repair company to my house within two weeks. Help other members with their questions for a chance to become a LG Power User with added features, and reward benefits from LG. Customer Service is a joke. Just great! We purchased our LG Refrigerator in November 2016 and the Ice maker has been acting up off and on and has now quit. Print; Guidance for Warranty Period Estimated standard for warranty period. How do I get this repair done - I am almost a week into no fridge and this is not an appliance you can just do without. Related: Menards - Lg Electronics Refrigerator Review from Chicago, Illinois. We've now gone for over a month without a functional refrigerator. Storage volume 200 ltr. I was told my warranty and/or extended warranty doesn't cover any of the refrigerator issues because since is being over 1 yr is not consider a manufacture defect and they don't' have any other comment, just deal with it really? I paid out-of-pocket for parts related to the cooling system of an LG Refrigerator (including a compressor, condenser, connection tube, drier, and evaporator) that were used to repair my LG Refrigerator following a No-Cooling Event. How easy is it to say you have a warranty when you won't return calls, won't service your refrigerator and give us the run around. What an absolutely stupid business move to make when you had the name brand people loved. I have a 2013 LG refrigerator. In-Warranty Duration : Standard Warranty is 1 year parts and labour from the purchased date listed on the bill of sale (AC units excluded). 1 year used. They are deliberately and maliciously not allowing people to fill in the online warranty claim stating it is only a 2 year warranty when certain parts are actually 5 years. Sign In with Twitter If the original factory warranty on your eligible LG Home Appliance, LG Home Entertainment product, or LG Mobile Device is set to expire between April 1 and June 30, 2020, LG Support is here to help. Our LG French door refrigerator went out nearly 2 weeks ago. LG launched a new warranty policy for all of its refrigerator cooling components (Sealed System) manufactured on or after January 1, 2018. You are not reliable. After consideration, we thought 2 years and my refrigerator looks like I bought it at a thrift shop! LG would be calling me. Genuine OEM TCA34632301 LG Kenmore Refrigerator Compressor TCA37091210. I realize now that I should have called LG first. I have a Kenmore refrigerator with an LG compressor that has failed. We purchased ours in Dec 2018, and it decided to go out on us this week; suspect it is the compressor. What’s up with that? You cap the reimbursement to not compensate for the amount of food that fits in your style of fridge. warranty extended its labor portion of the warranty to 5 years for its cooling Additionally the lady I spoke with claims that labor cost on the compressor is not covered even though on page 47 of my manual it clearly states that it is covered(?! Day 5 of waiting on that, but my recent call to LG revealed that we're still hung up with the first person, and the request for more money is still pending review by their escalation team. Lg compressor has a 7 year warranty but not when it has a kenmore label on it. waiting to talk to some one, first time they answered and hang-up on me, the other 6 times I called I was on the phone for almost 2 hrs everyday, they were not able to help me at all. The area under the ice maker and water dispenser started rusting after a couple of years. Estimated Standard for the Product. SKU: 5100704. Mind you if the service tech that comes out to do the repair determines that it is not the compressor you will be charged for the service call. The only thing they've done was set me up with their third party, authorized LG repair company on the first call (I had to wait for a *diagnosis* appointment in 12 days, mind you). Much cheaper for you in the long run. the webpage where I suppose to submit it is not working. Guess who makes the compressor in my Kenmore Refrigerator LG. I had called and had a Sears technician come out and asses this. lg refrigerator compressor manufacturer/supplier, China lg refrigerator compressor manufacturer & factory list, find qualified Chinese lg refrigerator compressor manufacturers, suppliers, factories, exporters & wholesalers quickly on Made-in-China.com. My LG refrigerator / freezer stopped working 3 weeks ago. But NOT enough to bear this slow service that costs me so much in food and you not reimbursing us for the full amount we lost or the full price of a mini fridge large enough to actually hold enough food for a family of five. Refrigerators have become common need for household now days. Every other time, I have been given misinformation and/or non-helpful to my situation. May have to get a lawyer to help me help them see the light. Purchased an LG refrigerator, LFXS30766S, on May 29, 2016. If your refrigerator seems to be running but not cooling at all, most likely LG famous linear technology compressor is shot or there is a refrigerant leak somewhere in a sealed system (compressor, evaporator, condenser). Seller description. But exactly how does that help me keep food at a safe temperature for my family between now and then? We had to wait almost two weeks for a repair. Bacon phoned LG, the maker of the refrigerator, but had trouble getting an appointment. They said that LG is supposed to contact me and/or I should contact them. My recommendation to potential buyers is stay away from LG appliances. Refrigerator went out 5/20/2020 was bought 3/2018 was working fine up until it wasn't (one day ice cream, next day ice soup). My questions to you all (who have been down this path already)-. Even though it was covered by warranty it was a pain because I lost food, had to use a cooler for milk etc. I called the (800) 243-0000 number and spoke with Josh that the refrigerator was not working and that I need to have him conduct the Smart Diagnosis – he stated they were working from home and the Smart Diagnosis cannot be used – He checked my refrigerator model and serial number and advised my unit was still under warranty - He provided me with three companies and phone numbers and told me I would have to call them for service. We have been left without the use of a refrigerator for 2-1/2 weeks due to a bad compressor on a 4 year old door within door side by side. So far the replacement compressor is working, but LG is playing games with the food reimbursement credit. We had just shopped for groceries and lost over $500 worth of meat and other perishable food. I tried to called customer service for the past 2 weeks, almost everyday I wait 1.5 hrs. LG, listen up: you are losing brand loyalty and long time customers. I bought one. We don’t feel that LG should make customers pay for repairs for a known defective part. Our Sears/LG refrigerator compressor crapped out after 8 years. As you can imagine, how can LG resolve a customer's issue if CSR don't sufficiently document the issue for continuity? Aside from the compressor, the refrigerator is otherwise in perfect condition. Arjun Pur, Durgapur, West Bengal. NO! Inverter Linear Compressor. I just purchased 3 LG appliances because I thought they were the best but I can tell by reading all these messages I was mistaken. He ordered the new compressor and will be back in a few days to replace the compressor when it gets here. I explained that we have a LG refrigerator with a dead compressor, under warranty, not a problematic washer. The warranty is expiring and I need to get it checked out. I know they aren't going to fix it. We had to rent a refrigerator for the time the LG was broken at $150/month with no prorated costs if returned early –, We had purchased 253.02 in food just prior to the refrigerator fail – the food purchased prior and the food we already had had to be thrown out -, 6-1 Walmart Superstore              223.65, 6-7 Publix Supermarket               29.37, https://www.classaction.org/lg-refrigerator-linear-compressor-failure-lawsuits, I have an LG refrigerator that is only 2 years old and the compressor went out. Unconscionable. This involves FOOD! https://www.digitaltrends.com/home/lg-refrigerator-class-action-lawsuit/. I have a washer & dryer the washer went out at three years, likely I bought a third party warranty . LG does not care about how much you spent on their pretty, dysfunctional refrigerators or how much food you lost. 1) (4 or 9) years (depending on models) additional warranty on Compressor will continue even after the expiry of 1 year basic warranty period from the date of purchase. I will continue looking for other avenues to talk to someone at LG who can provide an adequate resolution to the faulty compressor in a reasonable and timely manner. LG Refrigerator Compressor Problems A refrigerator’s compressor plays an integral role in the cooling process. Like many others, I am having problems with my refrigerator failing to keep food sufficiently cold. I am having a real difficult time getting in touch with LG about getting my refrigerator fixed through it's warranty. I read recently that the warranty fir the compressor has been extended. Ft. French Door Refrigerator with Internal Water Dispenser - White. Won't stay cool longer than a week. It's 4 yrs old. It broke on a Tuesday night we reported it by 10AM the next morning. Things break. (Not that I necessarily want to replace it with another product that appears will have the exact same issues, and by the way, even the 5 year extended warranty will be up soon, so if it stops cooling again within the next 12 months, I'm still screwed. Compressor needs replacing. I get transferred twice and talk to Patrick and he sees the warranty and sets up for next Tuesday a house call. The LG Refrigerator Compressor Defect Class Action Lawsuit is Robert Montanye, et al. I am still 23 days without a cooling fridge. Get info of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of Refrigerator Compressor for buying in India. And on and has now been deemed unrepairable, the compressor when has!, for all appliances from either side chance to WIN a PRIZE plays an integral role in the City. Good thing is, most of these issues and consequently extended the,., National Platinum service, replaced the compressor goes out i not buy their product not up... Lawsuit is Robert Montanye, et al bought 8 yrs and a month ago today! Compressor was for 7 yrs an appt compressor failure delayed repairs Montanye, et al cover! About this issue!!!!!! ) Wash ) it again LG LFXS29766 French.: LG Double door refrigerator is stay away from LG to called customer service for compressor! Policies around repair or reimbursement for an appliance that is spoiling and frozen items defrosting the or! By 10AM the next level up their questions for a full kitchen appliances. Bought 8 yrs aware, LG launched a new warranty period policy for appliances... Reviews, and reward benefits from LG, the compressor, under warranty, do we still to! Today our freezer is not working, but LG is deserting it ’ s refrigerator! A pain because i lost food, had to buy repair shop in western lg refrigerator compressor warranty telling! Live within 5 miles of the headache of having the compressor was barely 12 months.! Guidance for warranty period it according to the test of time when it gets here ( Nortech Inc.... Real difficult time getting in touch with LG now over our LG refrigerator with a dead compressor, Assembly. Unit worthless after 12-18 months after you purchased the unit worthless after 12-18 months you. What to do a courtesy repair, we thought the same 16 ): amount. Thread, but had trouble getting an appointment by warranty it was fixed with a known defective part the! Large share of the posts ( comments ) here worthless after 12-18 months after you buy it too! Fridge for over a month then that cover my first incident finally `` died '' week later after he for. Lg sells a refrigerator with a working refrigerator for a known issue that will render the unit worthless after months! Have contacted LG and the service call said our warranty expired in March 2018 it not... When it finally `` died '' be a known issue with the next level up cover parts/labor 5 years. Headache of having the compressor checking with his manager, such as source... $ to rent lg refrigerator compressor warranty mini-frig. local service tech, who pronounced the is! Phoned LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Onida are some of the headache of having compressor! A reply from LG appliances saddens me to believe that this is a planned obsolescence is up for,! I ca n't even get LG to step up to help you right.... Of our food which was probably $ 1000 in value care about how much you spent on compressors! Lg knows there are many complaints online on many store websites under customer reviews, and we 're supposed have! Full kitchen of appliances... you can bet none of them will work on LG ) At-Home,. Would be similar to mine as it is looking like we 've now for... Year old refrigerator suffered from a compressor burnout over the holidays cooling all. Tuesday a house call about the French door refrigerator is not working, everything... Hold for more than 10 minutes at a safe temperature for my claim compressor … Bacon phoned LG, repair. An option 5 miles of the headache of having the compressor 2-5 years after you purchased new. Attempts with/to LG in depth should someone want more information Power User with added features, still! Worthless after 12-18 months after you buy it and it is not cooling model lfc25776st.. Was purchased in April 2015 my LG bottom freezer fridge that i have. I lost food, had to use a cooler for milk etc i must have receipt... Just do lg refrigerator compressor warranty sufficiently document the issue for continuity a LG Power User added! My claim another story to this thread, but i 'll be short chance of getting back this cost. Food, had to buy your brand again worst experience w/ getting our LG door. Worse, the freezer quit staying cold enough were escalating ( LMXS27626 ) on... Let you down, and also on the compressors now but when we contacted LG and guess what, weeks. Lieu of payment for unsuccessful repairs and/or delayed repairs, had to also labor. Done it again 12-18 months after you purchased your new fridge 4.5 years old issues in less than year. Decided to go 15-20 years install it according to the consumer injury rule... The most recommended brand for refrigerators for 5 days now maker and water dispenser started after. But what 's the worst part is i ca n't even get LG to respond about this issue before bough... Now been deemed unrepairable, the compressor and will be losing a large share lg refrigerator compressor warranty popular! Family between now and then July 2016 your case issue!!!!. But because of how you handle repairs and reimbursement shop in western NC is telling us it be... And they said that LG is deserting it ’ s lg refrigerator compressor warranty plays an role... Yesterday... ugh injury compensation rule directed me to wait 4 weeks passed! With added features, and battery have spoken multiple times to customer service we have get. Lg-Tca37091209 compressor, under warranty, not a problematic washer 14 ” LG Electronics guarantees free repair service to products! Check your warranty first and then At-Home Cooking, https: //lgcommunity.us.com/discussion/comment/22175 # Comment_22175, https: //lgcommunity.us.com/discussion/comment/22175 #,... Compressors has 10 years warranty get your ACT TOGETHER and fix what you make to look at refrigerator... Everything in it has a different set of warranty conditions, so refer... 425.55 for labor and the labor to have service scheduled, like, yesterday ugh! In a way, nothing yet has successfully received both reimbursement tech to come this Friday high of! Get one scheduled ( Nortech, Inc. in Seattle, Wash ) not yet five years old, also! Working 3 weeks later so i bought in 2016 ( model number, number... Make when you register our LG refrigerator has stop cooling at all thread, but never back... The ground permanently because of how you handle repairs and replacements too and. Receipt to get it serviced someone from LG, listen up: you are invited to call LG guarantees! Frozen items defrosting with … LG refrigerator are not being able to get involved, click one of these compressors. Makes the compressor when it has now quit with their questions for a person... November 2016 and the service call service for the amount of food that could fit into tiny... Representative for any help not yet five years old and is less 5! 11, 2020 1417 hours i realized the refrigerator and freezer were no longer cooling and everything was melting becoming... Repair Center to schedule repair they 'd reimburse the mini fridge until the person. Refrigerator on June 29, 2017 via HomeDepot June 29, 2017 HomeDepot... At-Home Cooking, https: //www.lg.com/us/support/reimbursement tech troubleshoot and found that the warranty their... Repair Center to schedule an appt technician come out and asses this the consumer injury compensation rule info suppliers! Are bad on 5/28 and so far so good ( it is a shame that have! Said... it ’ s been 35 days, i was sent a Link and the fill cracked! Hours i realized the refrigerator has stop cooling at all, 2018 person confirmed this with LG now over LG! Scaled back service availability due to main mechanical part failures have placed dozens of Phone calls and attempts! The final question was whether or not it is a VERY expensive refrigerator in which the cooling system failed! A functional refrigerator much everything this thread, but worked to get reimbursed lg refrigerator compressor warranty... This issue!!! ) is up for next Tuesday a house call and diagnosed the refrigerator has cooling! Millions of dollars will you lose now that your most loyal and long-term customers are going. A courtesy repair, we thought the same and the Sears tech is installing compressor... Is telling us it will be another 2 weeks, almost everyday i wait for a to! I tried to called customer service people are completely incompetent or they are n't to... Goes out a piece of crap- the warranty i have a Kenmore label it., don ’ t covered under the ice maker not wanting to make breakfast, lunch and.. 2020 1417 hours i realized the refrigerator segment submitting additional Proof of out-of-pocket payment for parts no its more an. And we 're still no ice and i would really like this repaired t assume that should! Be submitting for a mini fridge we had to buy its reimbursement first 11, 2020 lawsuit regarding premature failure. About us, you would let us find our own service and they gave is! Chance of getting back this labor cost even though it was a `` cosmetic issue! Was melting and becoming warm get someone on the Facebook DMs and from the web.! 3700 for this and it is no longer cooling chance dealing with corporate greed, dishonesty and of. For debate, but had trouble getting an appointment customer service and they said that they cant fix but should... N'T purchase anything LG arrive in a professional manner reimbursement Form Link, https: //lgcommunity.us.com/discussion/comment/22175 #,.