WhatsApp us on: This is to recover the cost of transporting electricity through the power grid. 4 Components You Should Know However, you should click below for a FREE personalised savings report with Solar. iSwitch team will get back to you. Check out our price plan page to calculate your estimated savings vs SP Tariff. Sign up online to save…, Receive complimentary AIA Personal Accident Insurance (worth up to $30) when you sign up with iSwitc…. Please enter your registered e-mail ID and we will send the reset password link to you, Forgot password link has been sent to your registered e-mail ID. Our fixed price plan allows you to lock-in a discounted rate compared to the current electricity tariff. Moreover, it will also tell you what kind of appliances you can run with solar for how many hours in a day. required: true, The energy it uses could power all kettles used in the UK for 27 years, it said. Whether you are looking to move abroad or relocating to another premise, there might be a relocation charge depending on the electricity retailer. Frequently Asked Questions During Sign-up Answered! submitHandler: function(form) { We use cookies for various purposes including analytics and personalized marketing. Select one of our signature price plan and start saving today. It takes only 20 seconds to complete your details, You started scheduling your site survey but have not completed it, You have successfully registered and an email & sms have been sent to you, Please activate your account by clicking on the activation link in the email, Complete your profile & start expanding your business, Are you sure you want to exit? A Microsoft 365 subscription offers an ad-free interface, custom domains, enhanced security options, the full desktop version of Office, and 1 TB of cloud storage. You Have Switched To A Retailer & Picked A Fixed Price Plan. Under the Financing Options that are listed in the output of the solar calcutor, you can compare your savings as well as the returns when you go with either of the two models and pick and choose between them. In Singapore, electric power is delivered at 230V to consumers and during the transportation of electricity through the power grid to our homes and offices, a small percentage of the energy is lost. The security deposit is refundable when an account is terminated and is primarily imposed to ensure any outstanding amount on a final bill will be settled. alert("You can't proceed! return this.optional(element) || /^[0-9]{8}$/.test(value); with transaction ID MYSUNxyz has been processed. Carbon Tax Charge = Electricity Consumed* x GEF-OM** x Carbon Tax Rate. Our Solar Advisors will be in touch with you shortly. The final date of the survey will be confirmed by our team via a call to you based on the availability of the site survey engineers. If you haven’t switched to an electricity retailer, you are default buying your electricity from SP Services and paying the regulated tariff rate. Neighboring countries include Jordan to the northwest, Iraq and Kuwait to the northeast, Bahrain and Qatar to the east, the United Arab Emirates to the southeast, and Oman and Yemen to the south. For example, at iSwitch, a cancellation within 3 days from the date of application will incur a $100 cancellation fee. rules: { The same applies to electricity retailers too. Federal Bank offers Fed-e-Trade - a feature packed 3-in-1 Account. Ltd. |, guide to help you set up your SP utility account, view the latest TLF on the Open Electricity Market’s website. return true; Discover our latest exclusive promotions tailored just for you. If you are confused between owning the solar system or purchasing solar power, what is commonly referred to as the CAPEX and RESCO (OPEX) models, the Advanced Solar Calculator can be of great help here. has decreased by 0.67 cents per kWh from 22.93 to 22.21 cents per kWh (inc. GST). jQuery('input[type="submit"]').attr("disabled", true); As power generation companies are liable for a $5 tax for every tonne of emissions and since they primarily burn natural gas for power generation, this tax is passed down to everyday consumers. }, "Please enter a valid email"); Smarter Solar ®. If you have a flat roof or a tilted roof, the MYSUN Solar Calculator will allow you to size your solar system and accurately see the annual solar power generation for any type of roof. What Has Changed With The Regulated Tariff? You will be paying the fixed price set by the retailer for the duration of your contract. Hence, depending on the electricity retailer, consumers are billed either on metered readings or loss adjusted readings. This fee is reviewed annually. Retailers may enact a penalty if you break the contract – mostly in the form of an early termination fee. As a reference, the carbon tax charge takes effect for every unit of electricity (in kWh) consumed from 1st January 2019 onwards. last_name: 'This field is required', You Have Switched To A Retailer & Choose The Discount-Off-Tariff Plan. Saudi Arabia online food ordering and delivery market was valued at USD 511.21 Million in the 2020 which is forecast to grow at 10.05% CAGR during 2021 – 2026 Singapore signed the Paris Agreement on climate change and as such, since January 2019, every electricity consumer in Singapore is subject to a carbon tax for their energy use. Learn more about the security deposit here. Refer your Friends & Receive $50 Bill Rebate Per Sign Up, Enjoy Green Certified Electricity At No Additional Cost, 6 Months of Complimentary Personal Accident Insurance, Electricity Tariff – The Breakdown of Singapore’s Electricity Prices. Please Select Your Consumer Category Below: The MYSUN Solar Calculator is an online advanced tool developed by the solar experts at MYSUN to help you quickly determine the potential savings that you can make when you go solar. Along with furnishing results based on a set of pre-set robust algorithms, the advanced MYSUN Solar Calculator also gives one the convenience to see more precise estimations through it’s feature of customize input fields. The MYSUN Solar Calculator is an online advanced tool developed by the solar experts at MYSUN to help you quickly determine the potential savings that you can make when you go solar. Talk to the MYSUN team instantly. } The cost of power generation covers mainly the costs of operating the power stations, such as the manpower and maintenance costs, as well as the capital cost of the stations. Yes, there are 7 additional charges you should take note of. Any remaining amount will be refunded upon settling the final bill. setInterval(timestamp, 500); jQuery('form[id="electricity-tariff"]').validate({ ignore: ".ignore", MYSUN Site Survey Services are currently unavailable in your region. By submitting this information, you agree with the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. All you need to do is input three basic details - your location, your monthly electricity bill and your electricity consumer category. Learn more about SunPower ® solar panels. } else { last_name: 'required', The Calculator is backed by sophisticated and robust algorithms in order to generate the most accurate and precise results for you. } If you haven’t set up your SP utilities account yet, you’ll need to do so first in order to switch to a retailer. var response = document.getElementById("g-recaptcha-response"); The Regulated Tariff Every Month. e.preventDefault(); The electricity tariff constantly changes depending on global oil market conditions – Compared to the previous quarter This plan is ideal for you if budgeting is important and you want to have certainty about how much you’ll need to pay every month. You can get more information here on how to utilise your u-save rebates. Our Solar bot has started its magic. WhatsApp us on: Entries for #CaptureMySun contest from Gujarat are open now. Work-Life Balance In Singapore: Here Are 12 Ways To Make It Possible! document.getElementsByName("captcha_settings")[0].value = JSON.stringify(elems); With iSwitch, when relocating within Singapore, if you provide valid documents and re-apply with iSwitch, there will be a small flat fee charged but don’t worry, the fee will be refunded to you once your new house contract is active. This fee is reviewed annually. Saudi Arabia (officially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or KSA) is a Middle Eastern country that occupies most of the Arabian peninsula and has coastlines on the Persian Gulf and Red Sea. * Because more power means more savings and fewer panels on your roof. You are eligible to get your site surveyed for just Rs. Carbon Tax Charge generic assumptions with regards to your electricity consumption pattern, availability of area for solar installation, nearby shading, solar irradiation, availing of a bank loan to buy solar system, etc. We have more than 55000+ Registered Agents serving our customers with top-notch services and delivering 100% Customer Satisfaction. }); Sign up now in just 5 mintues. All you need is your NRIC and SP Account number. That means no matter how the tariff rises or falls, you will be enjoying guaranteed savings. } If budgeting is important to you and having a predictable bill is key, then the fixed price plans might be ideal for you. After the snapshot is displayed, you can further indicate your electricity consumption pattern, your sanctioned load, your monthly electricity consumption or the diesel backup power that you must be using, to see the most close to true picture of what your savings would be like when you do go with a solar rooftop PV plant. MYSUN is India’s largest online rooftop solar company with operations in multiple states in North, Central and Western India. Saudi Arabia will no longer sign contracts with foreign companies which do not have a regional headquarters in the kingdom after 2023, state news … © I Switch Pte Ltd. A Member of RCMA Group Pte. Trash To Cash: How To Recycle In Singapore & Make Money! With iSwitch, if you wish to have a hard copy of the bill you can manage all your bills from the iSwitch Self Service Portal or you can opt for paper billing at a flat fee of $1.07 (inc. GST)/bill. Crude continues to rally on surprise Saudi production cuts. (1st October – 31st December 2020), the electricity tariff for Q4 2020 (1st January – 31st March 2021) COVID-19 : We urge all our readers to follow the Government Guidelines and Stay at Home to Stay Safe. phone: 'Please enter a valid phone number', MySunCalculator relies on our advanced algorithms related to your locational co-ordinates, historical solar irradiation, electricity tariffs across-India and certain Check out the iSwitch savings calculator, to estimate how much you can save based on your dwelling type or monthly usage here. The advanced meter will require an installation fee of $40 (excluding GST). SunPower's elegant panels achieve a world-record setting 22% efficiency rate, the highest efficiency solar panels you can buy for your roof. The Solar Calculator allows you to also get a snapshot of your savings and returns if you opt in for Net Metering. Crude rallies to 7-months high on vaccine optimism and conclusion of the US elections. return this.optional(element) || /[^@]+@[^\. All you need is to head to our page here, select the right price plan and fill in the online form with your details. This is to recover the costs of billing and meter reading, data management, retail market systems as well as for market development initiatives. It takes only 3 simple steps. That means you’re buying your electricity straight from SP Services. Earn 500 rewards points (equivalent to $50 Bill Rebate) when you successfully refer a friend to sign up…, Save money while saving the environment. The fuel cost is the cost of imported natural gas, which is tied to oil prices by commercial contracts. function recaptchaCallback(){$('#hiddenRecaptcha').valid();};